Beat Trauma

Why Trauma Is Like Living With A Monster

The best way to view trauma is like a monster dwelling in your body feeding itself with your painful memories and growing fast before eventually taking over your life.

As a result the monster will be draining your physical, mental and emotional energy.

That is why you always feel terrified, empty, wasted, vulnerable and disturbed during and after an intensely traumatic experience.

The monster deploys its sharp claws within, disrupting the core of your being and making you feel like something sharp ripped through your heart, which becomes the center point of all the pain.

The painful memories are just live scenes of you being brutalized, raped, humiliated, molested, beaten, or abused recorded in your memory as mental films that can easily be retrieved and played back at any time of the day or night.

Unfortunately, these mental films can be played back in your mind in the future over and over again with great clarity causing huge complications to your emotional and mental state of being.

See how to beat trauma in Jesus.