Faith in God

Why We Should Trust God Without Reservation

Trust is unmistakably a very significantly element because it pertains to an individual’s integrity, image, character, and ability. One vital component of trust is that a decent person always feels humbled and honored when he’s trusted with a particular responsibility. On the other hand, when such person is turned down as a result of a lack of trust, this literally brings hurt and trouble.

Therefore to personalize this, let’s say that as a follower of Christ you’ve been doing your very best to follow the teachings of the Word of God by letting them to have a great impact of your way of living, and for whatever reason someone that you know very well cannot trust you. It’s very clear you’d be deeply hurt by that because you’re let down by that person’s ignorance and lack of trust regardless of your reputation.

So to a much greater extent, the same analogy also applies to God. As messed up we are as humans, we can really feel what it’s like when we cannot be trusted. Imagine for a God who has an uncompromised credibility in everything. A God who’s functioning into a realm far above the realm we’re operating in which is filled with deceptions and lies.

When we cannot trust God, He’s truly disturbed by that due to the fact that He’s not honored as He’d want us to honor Him because of our unbelief. It’s also symbolic of us telling Him that He’s not trustworthy irrespective of what He’s able to do along with all the claims He has made about Himself when it comes down to His willingness to be there for us.

The main foundation of our relationship with God almighty is trust. Therefore that’s the key reason why the Word of God plainly states that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Keep in mind that faith and trust are the exact same thing. He wants us to trust Him without withholding anything because He’s the only One fully able of meeting all our needs.

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